Do It Anyway | The Podium Life with Michelle Carter

In Episode 1, Michelle gives an overview of what is the podium life about and the topics that will be discussed in this podcast

- I have retired
- What is the podium life?
- 7 Topics of The Podium Life

1. Mindset
2. Discipline and Hard work
3. Self Awareness
4. Talent and skill
5. Physical & Mental Health
6. Finances
7. Relationships

- Michelle’s Randoms facts of the Day
- Michelle’s Reflections
- F.E.A.R False Evidence Appearing Real
- Facts vs. Feelings

Quote of the Day
- “Be fearless in trying new things, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional, since being afraid can challenge you to go to the next level.” - Rita Wilson

- Do it anyway! Do it scared! You wont regret it!

Reflection Questions
- What are you doing to be your very best?
- Is what I am doing getting to where I want to be?
- What about me needs to change?
- What excuses are you making because you’re scared?
- What is your F.E.A.R. telling you?
- What's one thing you can do today to move forward in fear?


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