Wednesday, July 4, 2018 8:57 AM

My Top 5 Must Haves for Skin Care

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 8:57 AM
Wednesday, July 4, 2018 8:57 AM
The one thing you can’t outrun or hide from is time, and with time comes aging, and with aging comes wrinkles. Well, they don’t start as wrinkles. First, you start seeing lines on your face. Once you see lines, that means wrinkles will be coming, right? You can’t stop it from happening, but you can slow down the process. Good skin care will help with that.
I’m not upset about aging. I think aging is a beautiful progression, but with progressions, you have to adjust. I realized I needed to adjust my skin care routine as I got older. I use to get away with sleeping in my makeup when I was younger, and my face would be just fine. If I sleep in my makeup now....I will have new breakouts, and my skin will look dull the next day. I have to wash my makeup off before I go to sleep. My skin needs to breathe. Plus, I have oily skin, and when I'm done washing my face, you can see me coming from a mile away because my forehead will shine so bright! LOL!
I don’t care that much about the cost of a product. My question is, does it work for me?
  1. Face wash: The key to great looking makeup is a clean canvas. For me, I feel so much better when I start my day with a clean face. Right now, I’m loving 2 face washes - a) Glamglow SuperCleanse. It leaves my skin so clean! I have oily skin, and I play in dirt for a living. I feel that it really cleanses my pores and gets the dirt and oil out. b) Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar- This is a gentler cleansing bar, but it leaves my face nice and clean. I use this bar after I remove my makeup. I use this because I can also use it on my eyes to make sure I get off all of my makeup.
  2. Moisturizer: I loved a particular moisturizer that I used for over 19 years. Then the company was sold, and they changed all of their products. I was so upset! I went on a YouTube frenzy trying to find a replacement that I would love, and I came across Belif Aqua Bomb. OMG! It saved my skin! I was trying a different moisturizer, but my skin wasn’t liking it. Aqua Bomb brought my skin back to life. Even my smile lines improved. I can tell when I wear makeup that it doesn’t settle in my smile lines as much. My Mom always said that if you moisturize your face daily, it will keep you looking young for a long time. Moisture, moisturize, moisturize!
  3. Masks: I don’t have a favorite mask, but when I participated in IPSY Creator Day, I received masks from several companies, and I haven’t used one I don’t like yet. I do think you should do a mask at least once a week.
  4. Eye Moisturizer: The older I got, the more I could tell the brightness in my eyes had changed. My eyes were looking dry and tired. Since I liked Belif Aqua Bomb so much, I had to try their Moisturizing Eye Bomb cream, and it did what I needed it to do. It brought my eyes back to life.
  5. Makeup Remover: I have a couple of makeup removers that I like. A) Clinique Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm. I love this! It looks a lot like butter. You dig out some and rub it in your hands until it melts into an oil-like substance. Then you rub it on your face and watch your makeup just melt off! B) Aveeno Makeup Remover Wipes. My skin can be sensitive at times. I don’t tend to use wipes, but these work pretty well on my skin. I use these wipes the most when I travel since I try to limit my liquids.
  6. *Bonus Tip*: If you don’t remember any of this stuff, or it's too much for you, the one thing you need to remember to do is Drink Water!!! Drink water, then drink more water. This is a major key to maintaining great skin.
I hope my Top 5 Must Haves helps you out. Let me know what you like to use or something I should try next time. I’m always looking for great products!
Until next time